Friday, April 16, 2010

Rondo Citrus Soda

I discovered Rondo Citrus Soda in 1978 while on a trip to Sedona, Arizona. I don't know why, but I can still remember the soda machine that it was the Quail Inn (it's now called the Baby Quail Inn). I was ten years old, and a fanatic of sour lemon flavor (kinda obvious considering my posting of Lemon Up shampoo). The trip to Sedona had a big impact on was the first time that I had really traveled any significant distance from my home in southeastern Michigan. Sedona in the 70s was definitely still basking in the glory of the late 60s and early 70s. It hadn't become the Zen Mecca it is today. There were bikers galore, dusty roads, tucked-away galleries and genuine vibe. It was quite a small town still. It's kind of funny how extremely small, insignificant things can be remembered for a long time, tucked away deep in your brain somewhere. Hazy kid memories full of the colors of the 70s. I wonder, will kids today look back with that same sense of color spectrum — everything seeming to bask in glowing yellow and orange? that's a ramble!

It really seems quite silly that I would remember buying a particular soda for the first time...or the machine that I would find it in. But with Rondo, I did. I remember being quite excited about it. There really weren't too many lemon sodas. Mello Yello was uncommon, and a little sweet for my taste. Mountain Dew wasn't tangy enough. So when I tasted Rondo for the first time, it was what I wanted. Sour—sour—sour!

Rondo — which was made by Schweppes — was branded as "The Thirst Crusher." Apparently it was far more popular in the southwest. I don't actually recall getting it back up in Michigan. It is a copy of an Australian soda called Solo, where it is still made. It was also tagged that, "it's lightly carbonated so you can slam it down!"

A vintage Rondo TV commercial!

Solo soda...same as Rondo, but Down Under!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Lemon-Up Shampoo

I used this shampoo as a kid in the 1970s, and I loved it. I've always loved lemon. Lemonheads, lemon drops, Rondo Soda (which is another extinct product I'll add soon)...and the fragrance of lemon is a favorite, as well. Lemon-Up shampoo was definitely aromatic! Two of the points used to market Lemon-Up were "Make Peace with Grease" and that each bottle contained the juice of one whole lemon. The original had a big plastic lemon for the cap, which could give your toe quite a whack if you dropped it in the shower. Lemon-Up disappeared sometime in the late 70s or early 80s. The Vermont Country Store has brought back's pricey at $14.95 a bottle, but worth it if you miss the original stuff. I bought a bottle for nostalgia's sake (and to get a whiff of that lemony goodness!). Vermont Country Store recently added the lemon cap again (although it looks like a flip-top so you don't drop!). The bottom photo is the bottle I ordered...the one above it is the new, redesigned one. Wish this stuff were a little less expensive, but I'm sure it's a really low-run product. Vermont Country Store is a fun place to visit...check it out!

Order Lemon-Up from Vermont Country Store

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Okay, so some of the inspiration for this little blog came from a favorite as a kid. Post Fortified Oat Flakes. They disappeared some time in the 1980s. There are other oat flake cereals, but none that even come close to Post's. There's a whole Web site of people looking for Post to bring them back (see link below), and adding your name may help inspire them to reintroduce them to the market!

Oat Flakes Gone But Not Forgotten on Topix

Post Oat Flakes on "In The 90s"

Post Oat Flakes on "In The 80s"

Post Oat Flakes on "In The 70s"

Post Oat Flakes on Mr.

A Post Oat Flakes Commercial

Another Post Oat Flakes Commercial

Extinct and Disappearing Products?

I wanted a little space to reminisce about some of my favorite products that have either completely disappeared, are disappearing, or have had their formulas changed. Hopefully, some of these companies will take notice!

I certainly hope you all will comment, share your thoughts and also suggest other products that you miss. Who knows? Maybe we'll spur on some companies to bring back these great products, or maybe help you find the product you're looking for!